As this year’s National Trucking Week rolls to a close, Teamsters Canada wants to recognize truck drivers for the all-important role they play.

Truck drivers handle everything we purchase – from groceries to medicine to electronics and more. Without truck drivers, society simply could not function. They’re not just delivering goods; they’re delivering the quality of life we all enjoy and often take for granted.

It’s too easy to overlook the dedication and sacrifice required to keep Canada running smoothly. Drivers spend countless hours on the road, often missing family events to ensure that our stores are stocked on time, and our medical supplies are replenished. 

These unsung heroes face many challenges, from tough schedules to lonely nights and shoddy rest areas. Moreover, they face slow wage growth and exploitative practices like “Driver Inc,” which add unnecessary hardships to an already demanding job.

Teamsters Canada remains steadfast in advocating for our truckers. Whether it’s through negotiations for fair wages and better working conditions, or lobbying for enhanced labour standards and safety measures, we’re committed to elevating the lives and voices of this indispensable workforce.

So, this National Trucking Week, let’s give a heartfelt salute to our dedicated truckers. Thank you for everything you do.