Sisters, Brothers, Friends, 

Today marks a significant victory for a large portion of our membership. New federal labour policy is coming into force, granting workers a major new paid sick day benefit. It’s something unions have been fighting for since the pandemic. 

All federally regulated workers (truckers, couriers, railroaders, etc.) will be able to accrue up to 10 paid sick days per year. Workers will now accrue three paid sick days after 30 days of continuous employment, and one day every month thereafter until a maximum of ten paid sick days. Therefore, for example, a worker employed as of today will be able to take three paid sick days as of December 31. 

All unused paid sick days carry over to next year, up to a maximum of 10 days.

Unfortunately, provincially regulated workers are not affected by federal labour standards. 

For more information about the new policy, please consult our summary of the legislation.

If you are not sure if you federally regulated, or if you have any other questions whatsoever, please contact your local union

In solidarity,
Teamsters Canada

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