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Being a Teamster is also about helping those in need.

Teamsters Canadian Pension Plan

The TCPP is the pension plan that works.

Social Responsibility

Unions have stood for the progressive changes that have allowed workers to gain equality, justice and fairness in the workplace, and in society. Our work is not only to free our members from systematic barriers, but we make sure that through our communities, societies and international work, that we are constantly improving the lives of our workers. When we stand for gender equality, fair accommodation, health and safety issues, we are helping our workers in need everywhere. When we stand for gender equality, women find decent jobs in the workplace; When we work towards international support and social development programs, we allow all workers to be able and inclusive. Unions allow people to build a strong economy and together we build a better quality of life for all. Explore Health & Safety training courses

International Solidarity - Mission in Haïti

On January 20, 2015, a delegation from Teamsters Canada, the Quebec Federation of Labour and the Canadian Labour Congress participated in a two week mission to help workers at the Brana-Heineken Brewery in Haiti build empowerment and solidarity to fight injustice in their workplace. The goals of the mission were to establish a new balance of power between the employer and Sytbrana (the BRANA-Heineken workers Union) and through international solidarity to protect workers and their union activity. When we carry out international work in industries that are similar to ours, we help restore the balance of power and protect our jobs. Global solidarity is more important than ever because of increased competition and globalization. All over the world, we consistently see our jobs being threatened and benefits reduced to serve businesses, with little or no regard for the working class. By helping workers abroad secure better wages, job security and benefits, we are also helping maintain our Canadian jobs and working conditions.

Rail Safety

Change is important, and change requires making noise. When we raise awareness around issues that undermined the workforce, we get things moving in our direction. Teamsters is dedicated to improving your life and your workplace. Our campaigns challenge legislation that have unfair actions that go against the gains that allow you to progress. When the rail industry employees were under extreme pressure, their quality of work affected the production of their tasks. This resulted in the devastating accident in Lac Megantic QC, when an area suffered loss and damage to members of their town. This is the result of negligence at the hand of the employer. When we don’t reinforce the rights of workers, other people are affected. The Teamsters created a campaign to bring awareness around the issue of health and safety with workers in the rail industry. Join us as we stand for the lives of all workers, so that we can help all members throughout the country.

Shareholder Responsability

SHARElogoTeamsters Canada is an associate member of SHARE, the Shareholder Association for Research and Education. As a trade union that manages the pensions of several thousand members, exercising voting rights at shareholder meetings is something we take seriously. SHARE helps us exercise these voting rights responsibly and in the best interests of our members. See how SHARE influenced decisions at several large companies.