Union Structure

Teamsters Canada is a labour organization that begins with our members. Our Union Leaders, Representatives, Agents, and Stewards are experts in labour relations, and with the active participation of our members, we strive to improve the working conditions and lives of all Teamsters. Our Union is active on three levels: national, regional and local.

Structure of the Teamsters

Teamsters Canada is affiliated to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

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Local Unions are the heart of our organization. This is where members come to share ideas on how to improve their workplaces and communities.

Our History

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters was officially founded in 1903 when two rival organizations united.


At the national level, Teamsters Canada consists of lawyers, Council leaders, lobbyists, organizers, communication agents and trainers spread out across the country and who work with a shared vision of Building Up Canada for all Canadians. Meet the Teamsters Canada Executive Board working to serve all Teamsters Members and Leaders.

President and International Vice President

François Laporte Montréal, QC

International Vice Presidents

Craig McInnes Mississauga, ON
Stan Hennessy Delta, BC


Rob Mryglod Winnipeg, MB
Brian MacDonald Ottawa, ON
Éric Laramée Montréal, QC
Fernanda Santos Mississauga, ON
Pierre-André Blanchard Laval, QC
Bernard Haggarty Calgary, AB
Richard Gill Saint John’s, NL
Tony Santavenere Vancouver, BC


Bob Miles Mississauga, ON
Jean Chartrand Montréal, QC
Jim Haryett Calgary, AB

Executive Assistant

Roy Finley Calgary, AB


Phone number of the Teamsters Canada National Office – 1 866 888-6466

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On a regional level, Joint Councils voice the concerns and demands of our members. Members, Local Unions, Joint Councils and committees work together closely to tackle labour issues so that our membership can grow stronger and safer. Contact a Teamsters Canada Regional Office