Teamsters Vote to Authorize Strikes at CN and CPKC

The Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) today announced that close to 10,000 workers at CN and CPKC have voted to authorize strikes at both companies. Unless parties can reach an agreement, a work stoppage can occur as early as May 22, at 00:01.

Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement with Gate Gourmet 

Toronto, April 28, 2024 – Teamsters Local Union 647 today reached a tentative agreement with Gate Gourmet. The agreement must still be ratified by members in a vote to be held tomorrow, Monday, April...

Strengthening the Social Contract Between Generations: Teamsters Canada’s Response to the 2024 Federal Budget

The 2024 Federal Budget represents a deep commitment of the Canadian government to maintain and strengthen the social contract between current and future generations. As one of Canada's largest unions, Teamsters Canada applauds the elements of this budget that we believe will be of crucial importance to workers and to furthering greater equity within our society.

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