Rail Safety Week

As Rail Safety Week rolls around, the Teamsters would like to remind the public never to approach tracks except at designated grade crossings. Moreover, it’s important to remain alert near tracks: trains can pass at any time, are quieter than ever, and can take kilometres to come to a full stop. Using train tracks as a shortcut, recreational path, or photoshoot location could result in serious injuries or death.

Talking about suicide saves live

Are you thinking about suicide? Call 1.833.456.4566 | Text 45645

Saluting Truck Drivers on National Trucking Week

As this year’s National Trucking Week rolls to a close, Teamsters Canada wants to recognize truck drivers for the all-important role they play.

End of the School Bus Drivers’ Strike at Autobus Campeau in Outaouais

A union meeting took place today in Gatineau, Outaouais, where 100 school bus drivers, who are members of the Teamsters Local Union 106, ratified a 6-year collective agreement with Autobus Campeau.

CN Secretly Tracking Employees’ Locations

The Teamsters Canada Rail Conference has recently uncovered deeply concerning behavior from CN Rail — they have been covertly monitoring the locations of workers using company-issued tablets, including when they are off work. This...

Teamsters Statement on YRC in Canada

Teamster local unions will do everything in their power to enforce the collective agreement and secure the monies owed to workers. Each local union will be taking action against the company individually. 

Ontario Teamsters Raise $150,000 for Variety, the Children’s Charity of Ontario

Keeping the genuine spirit of the Teamsters alive, an impressive gathering of Teamsters, employers, and friends experienced a joyous day on the fairways of Lionhead Golf & Country Club. 

Teamsters Secure 16.5% Raise for TST-CF Express Workers in Ontario

Nearly 300 truck drivers, dock workers, and mechanics at TST-CF Express in Ontario ratified a new five-year collective agreement. Truck drivers and dock workers voted 70% in favour of the agreement. The mechanics, who are covered by a separate agreement, voted 70% in favour.  As workers at a trucking and logistics company, these members of Teamsters Local Unions 938, 879, and 91 play a crucial role in maintaining the country’s supply chain.

Ten Years Later, Another Lac-Mégantic Can Happen at Any Time

Ten years ago today, a runaway 74-car freight train hauling crude oil rolled downhill and derailed. The result was a catastrophic explosion which flattened the small town of Lac-Mégantic and left 47 people dead. 

Passing of Brother Dave Norkett

It is with a heavy heart that we share the tragic news of the passing Brother Dave Norkett. His life was tragically cut short in a workplace accident at Tecna Forge in Niagara Falls this week.