Your Health & Safety

Teamsters Canada is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for all our members. We strive to improve our members’ workplaces and to prevent and address important issues including harassment and bullying, mental health, equality in the workplace, and specific initiatives such as rail safety.

Harassment & Bullying

Teamsters Canada has a zero tolerance policy against harassment.
Our members have the right to feel safe and respected in the workplace. Unfortunately, instances of harassment and bullying can still happen.

Check out Teamsters Canada Workshops & Training

Teamsters Canada uses anti-harassment/bullying educational tools and workshops to help bring awareness to healthy ways of communicating, so our members can enjoy the respect and dignity they are entitled to.

Whenever a member experiences harassment, and the issue is not resolved, the impacts can spread beyond the workplace and negatively affect many aspects of the member’s life.

Good Mental Health vs Mental Illness

Mental Health has become a growing issue in the workplace. Depending on environmental changes, genetic background or injury, mental illness can affect anyone. Teamsters Canada cares about the overall health of our membership, and creating safe spaces is one of our priorities.

Although mental health issues can be very difficult to discuss, they now affect workers across the country every day. Extreme pressure, unfair treatment, handling hazardous products and many other factors can act as triggers. Take part in our workshops and training to prevent mental health issues and to help your co-workers.