The 2024 Federal Budget represents a deep commitment of the Canadian government to maintain and strengthen the social contract between current and future generations. As one of Canada’s largest unions, Teamsters Canada applauds the elements of this budget that we believe will be of crucial importance to workers and to furthering greater equity within our society.

Equitable Taxation to Support Public Investments

First and foremost, we support the government’s initiation of the quick implementation of increasing the rate of Capital Gains Tax. This adjustment ensures that those who have benefited the most from are contributing their fair share to the funding of social programs.

It sends a very strong message to correct the fiscal imbalance and build of a fair economy where all can prosper.

Strengthening Worker Protections and Enhancing Labour Laws

Teamsters Canada is pleased to see s commitment to strengthening the Canada Labour Code and improving enforcement against worker misclassification, especially in the trucking industry, through the Driver Inc. scheme, whereby employers engage and classify employees wrongly as independent contractors, to avoid paying fair wages and taxes.  

Future Commitments and Ongoing Advocacy

Teamsters Canada will be closely following the announced second phase of the government’s review of labour disputes affecting Canada’s supply chain. The right of workers to strike as a last resort in the collective bargaining process should never be denied.

Furthermore, with over $462.4 million allocated to VIA Rail for operations, plus additional funds for the fleet renewal, the budget facilitates the creation of good, local jobs while promoting more efficient transit options for all workers. This investment in passenger rail services not only preserves existing jobs but also supports the expansion of sustainable transportation infrastructure, demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship and economic growth.

In conclusion, the 2024 Federal Budget takes decisive steps to maintain the social contract between generations by addressing key issues that affect workers and setting a solid foundation for a fair and just society. Through focusing on equitable tax reforms, strengthening worker protections, and investing in critical infrastructure, this budget signals the government’s commitment to a balanced and equitable future for all Canadians.

Teamsters Canada remains vigilant and committed to monitoring the implementation of these policies closely. We will continue to work alongside the government and other stakeholders to ensure that these measures not only promise but also deliver real and lasting benefits to our members and all Canadian workers.