Today is International Women’s Rights Day, a day for reflection, celebration and an opportunity to empower women and girls. A day to honour their achievements and resilience, and to recognize the ongoing struggles for fairness and equality that women around the world face every day.

Teamsters recognize that the contribution of women is essential to building a more inclusive, prosperous and sustainable world. That gender equality promotes economic growth and social progress. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in women’s economic empowerment by strengthening the social safety net, promoting decent and better-paid jobs, and continuing to tackle inequities and fight to eliminate violence against women.

It is essential to pay special attention today to women working in male-dominated jobs such as our members in road and rail transportation. Despite the progress made towards gender equality, women working in non-traditional jobs still face specific challenges linked to the industry’s culture, to health and safety, to work-life balance and to the adaptation of equipment and infrastructure. These challenges need to be addressed to protect our members and to encourage greater inclusion of women in these sectors and therefore enable them to achieve their full professional potential.