Sisters, Brothers, Friends, 

As the year draws to a close, I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a joyous holiday season and a very Merry Christmas. 

Teamsters Canada and its affiliates handled every challenge 2022 threw at us to ensure our members’ wages, health and safety, benefits and pensions were protected in a very difficult global political and economic crisis.

Among other things, we lobbied for and won 10 paid sick days per year for our federally regulated members, and a significant investment to combat the “Driver Inc” scam, which sees truck drivers misclassified as corporations, costing them benefits and workplace protections. 

As we gear up for 2023, we’re getting ready to fight for federal anti-scab legislation and pension protections for members whose employers go bankrupt. We are also looking forward to the next round of bargaining in various workplaces including the railway. Teamsters Canada will be there supporting our locals and members to the end.

We know that solidarity and unity are what make our union strong. Our members are our only priority, and we will continue to represent and fight to protect their working conditions and ensure we can all prosper in our great country.

Cheers to you and I wish you and your family happiness, peace, and prosperity.

In solidarity, 
François Laporte