Sisters and brothers, 

The negotiating committee met June 22 through June 25 in Vancouver. We were able to get through all proposals with supporting arguments and settled some minor issues. 

Although the meetings were well attended, some local unions participated via teleconferencing because of the pandemic and certain travel restrictions. 

The negotiations will continue July 13 through July 17 in Quebec City. This next week will focus on the bigger work-related issues facing our members (e.g. hours of work, supervisors working, subcontracting and feeder/equipment). It will be broken down into a committee format to get more detailed in deliberation. 

Monetary issues such as wages, premiums, health and welfare improvements and pension will be dealt with as negotiations continue. 

The negotiations will continue in August and we will inform you once the dates are confirmed. 

Remember that our collective agreement with UPS Canada expires on July 31, 2020. It will remain in force 

under the conditions set out in the Canada Labour Code even if negotiations are not completed by then. 

More updates on these negotiations will be posted on over the coming weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local union

Solidarity will guarantee a good contract in 2020. 

In solidarity, 

Richard Eichel, Director, Parcel Division, Teamsters Canada 
François Laporte, President, Teamsters Canada