Montreal, June 18, 2020 – The Teamsters Canada Foundation donated $15,000 to Accueil Bonneau last Tuesday. The president of Teamsters Canada and of the Teamsters Canada Foundation, François Laporte, as well as the president of Teamsters Québec, Alain Michaud, presented the cheque.

Accueil Bonneau’s mission is to accompany homeless people or people at risk of homelessness in their daily lives by providing the basic necessities for a better quality of life and well-being on their path towards social reintegration and housing stability.

On top of hot meals, this charity provides podiatry, nursing, chiropractic services, clean clothing and showers, as well as term housing.

With the pandemic, Accueil Bonneau has not been able to organize charitable activities to raise donations. A deficit is expected this year and the Teamsters Canada Foundation invites workers to contribute to Accueil Bonneau directly by visiting their website.

The Teamsters Canada Foundation has donated $300,000 to several charities across the country.

“Canadians are showing remarkable solidarity and generosity,” said François Laporte, Chairman of the Teamsters Canada Foundation and President of Teamsters Canada. “We have a duty to act when we can help our fellow citizens, and that’s what we’re doing alongside all our partners across Canada.”

Funds raised by the Teamsters Canada Foundation through its charitable activities come from private donations, not from the dues of Teamster members. The Canada Revenue Agency also requires that foundations give directly to charitable organizations rather than individuals.

The Teamsters Canada Foundation also accepts individual donations through its Web site

The mission of the Teamsters Canada Foundation is to help the most vulnerable of our society through charities present in Canadian communities. The Foundation also supports workers who want to improve their lives by retraining or by taking courses to change or advance their career. Visit to find out more.

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