Sisters, brothers, 

I am saddened to report that two of our members have died of COVID-19 this week. 

Their names were Nagarajah Thisingurajah and Pushparani Nagarajah. They were husband and wife and passed away within days of each other. They leave behind three daughters aged between 18 and 26.  

On behalf of our over 125,000 members in Canada, I would like to offer the victims’ children my most heartfelt condolences. While there are no words that could alleviate the incredible pain of losing both parents at once, they should know their parents’ colleagues and fellow union members stand with them in solidarity and mourning. 

Brother Thisingurajah and Sister Nagarajah worked for Gate Gourmet in Toronto. The company prepares in-flight meals and provides other catering services in airports and in the airline industry. The couple had been laid off for several weeks and, given the information we have at this time, we have no reason to believe they contracted the virus at work. 

COVID-19 is a cruel, senseless killer. We must all redouble our efforts to limit the spread of the disease. Everything we do, from washing our hands regularly to avoiding social gatherings, has the potential to save lives. 

In solidarity, 

François Laporte
Teamsters Canada