Sisters and brothers – 

Transport Canada has published safety guidelines to protect drivers and limit the spread of COVID-19. These include making sure vehicle interiors are clean and hygienic and the availability of cleaning materials and hand sanitizer for drivers. 

Violations of these guidelines may form the basis of a work refusal under Part II of the Canada Labour Code. 

Click here to view the official guidelines

Before issuing these guidelines, the government consulted extensively with Teamsters Canada division directors and their assistants (namely John McCann, Rick Eichel, Owen Lane, Leo Laliberté and Mike Hennessy) and national union staff (Christopher Monette and Phil Benson). 

Teamsters Canada is in constant contact with Transport Canada. We are the government’s eyes and ears on the road and in the yards; please advise your local union of any problematic situations and we will alert the government.

Thank you,

François Laporte
Teamsters Canada