Despite the border shutdown to non-essential travels, trucking activities are maintained.

Most government-run rest stops should remain open and additional sanitary measures have increased as much as possible. Truckers can no longer eat at most of these rest stops, but it is possible to buy food for take-out. However, a lot of government-run rest stops, and private truck stops have limited their business hours or have closed altogether.

Truckers, as well as the Teamsters Union, are attempting to convince these rest stop owners to maintain their business activities and increase their hygienic measures.

Teamsters are also opposed to the industry’s request to increase service hours in the trucking industry. For now, there is no reason that justifies such an increase. The transportation of goods is working well, there is no shortage of food expected in the near future.  The health and security of the trucking industry workers, as well as that of other road-users, should not be jeopardized by premature decisions.

A slowdown of trucking activities is to be expected soon, as factories, constructions sites, and other shops are temporarily halted their business activities.