Propane Shortage Appears Largely Manufactured by CN

The widely reported propane shortage in Ontario and Québec appears to be largely manufactured by Canadian National Railway (CN).

Trudeau-Trump Summit: Protecting Workers Above All

Teamsters Canada is praising the Canadian Government on meeting with the Trump administration, and hopeful that both countries will continue working together to build on the current mutually beneficial trade relationship. “Millions of workers owe their jobs to the free flow of goods between Canada and the United States,” stated François Laporte, the President of Teamsters Canada...

First Contract at Intersco

Workers at school bus company Intersco ratified their first collective agreement yesterday. The agreement stands to significantly improve their working conditions. Teamsters Local Union 106 represents employees at the Verchères, QC company which covers the Commission scolaire des Patriotes school board.

Nice Attack

Today, our sadness is only surpassed by our solidarity with the French people. Yesterday's attack was as terrible as it was unbelievable. As the representative of Canada's over 120 000 Teamsters, I would...

Automation: The federal government needs to be proactive

The biggest upheavals in the labour market since the Industrial Revolution are automation, robotics and artificial intelligence. According to some analysts, robotics could wipe out nearly 40% of jobs over the next few decades.

Mandatory Episode 2: Stigma

Imagine you had a minor accident and you break your ankle. You go to a doctor, you are given medical assistance, crutches and a cast. While life is a little more difficult, you know...

“Senate says ‘NO!” to C-377

OTTAWA  — Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office has issued a stern warning to Conservative senators who helped gut a controversial bill that would force unions to publicly disclose details of their spending. On Wednesday, 16...

François Laporte Meets Ministers Freeland and Mihychuk

Topics covered were extensive and varied, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the repeal of union-busting laws like C525 and C377, the restoration of sector councils and the importance of proper rest for workers in the transport industry.

Death of Brother Jean-Guy Levesque, former president of Local Union 106

As some of you may already know, we recently learnt with great sadness of the death of Brother Jean-Guy Levesque, former president of Local Union 106 and happy Teamster retiree. He passed away on May 26, at the venerable age of 85.

Paris Attacks: Driving out Darkness

Martin Luther King said that “darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.”