The Teamsters Canada Rail Conference has recently uncovered deeply concerning behavior from CN Rail — they have been covertly monitoring the locations of workers using company-issued tablets, including when they are off work.

This isn’t just a privacy violation; it’s a troubling, creepy, and in our view illegal invasion of workers’ personal lives. CN never sought consent for this tracking, nor did they inform the union it was happening.

Rest assured, we are taking this matter seriously. Our legal team is already in the process of filing a complaint with the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. We’re committed to protecting workers’ privacy and fighting against such invasive and abusive practices.

In the meantime, we strongly recommend that members leave their CN-issued tablets either in their lockers or hand them over to their immediate supervisors (if charging is necessary) upon completing their shift. It is advised not to carry these tablets while off work.

This story has gained national attention. See below to watch the CTV story on CN’s spying (at 13:03), or click here to read the story.