The 10 striking workers affiliated with Local 106 of the Teamsters Union at Autobus Campeau have just accepted the latest employer offer at 89%, thereby ending the strike.

The 6-year agreement provides, as of the signature, a significant salary increase, as well as an indexing for the coming years.

School transportation in the region will thus resume from Thursday, June 1st, putting an end to the disruptions that have been affecting 1300 students since May 8th.

For François Laporte, president of Teamsters Canada, this outcome once again demonstrates the power of mobilization: “Teamsters never go on strike against something, but rather for something. These ten drivers love serving their community by providing school transportation for students, but they wanted to continue doing so with dignity. Thanks to their tenacity and determination, they have prevailed.”

Denis Ouellette, union representative at Local 106 of the Teamsters Union, in charge of negotiations, thanks the public for the support shown to the striking drivers: “1300 children without school transportation means just as many families had to organize themselves. Despite everything, we have received many testimonies of solidarity, and this shows that bus drivers continue to play an important role in their community.”

With over 125,000 members, Teamsters Canada is the country’s largest transportation and supply chain union. The organization represents workers at CP, CN, UPS, Purolator, countless trucking companies, and more. They are affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which represents over 1.2 million workers in North America.


Marc-André Gauthier
Director of Communications, Teamsters Canada
Cell : 514-206-0492 | [email protected]