Building and maintaining strong communities in the modern world may seem difficult, as we are all increasingly immersed in our own lives, families and technologies. There are many ways to positively impact your community:

1. Shop locally.
Buying products from businesses in your neighbourhood means that you are supporting local owners rather than giving the same money to big-box stores. When you purchase from a local business, a percentage of the sales tax goes right back into your community.

2. Complete your census questionnaire.
Information collected through the census helps improve important services in your community, such as public transportation, schools and hospitals. Actually this is the most effective way for the governement to find out where the needs are in the communities.

3. Become a census enumerator.
Responsible for identifying dwellings on maps, conducting personal interviews, and following up with respondents in person and by phone, enumerators can be part of a positive change in their communities by collecting key information. Technology can never replace the human connection.

4. Become a census crew leader.
Responsible for leading, training and supervising a team of enumerators, crew leaders are in a position to build strong relationships and develop a sense of camaraderie in their communities.

5. Be an advocate.
Talk to your union sisters and brothers, family and friends about potential improvements in your community; get involved in city council meetings to share feedback and contribute to real change and support the charities. This is how we can establish the foundations of a fair society.

Teamsters Canada invites you to visit Statistics Canada’s Website if you are interested in joining the census team. The hourly rate is between $16.31 to $19.91