Laval, January 20th 2016 – The news of Mayor Denis Coderre’s decision to hire Robert Bouvier to help represent the city during negotiations with the Montreal Police Brotherhood was met with surprise and bewilderment by Teamsters Canada and its local unions’ officers and union representatives.

Robert Bouvier retired last spring after 15 years at the head of Teamsters Canada.

According to media reports, the retired trade unionist was awarded a $24 999 contract, falling just short of a $25 000 threshold which would have forced the contract to be put out to tender. The move was denounced by opposition parties at City Hall as a form of political cronyism.

Teamsters Canada wishes to reiterate its support for workers at the City of Montreal. They are working to maintain their working conditions despite Mayor Coderre’s attempts to force significant concessions, particularly in terms of pension plans.

Robert Bouvier’s decision to cross over to management was his and his alone, especially since he is no longer involved in the labour movement. However, his decision is incompatible with union philosophy and has not been well-received by his former Teamsters brothers and sisters.

The Teamsters represent 120,000 members in Canada in all industries. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, with which Teamsters Canada is affiliated, has 1.4 million members in North America.



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