Imagine you had a minor accident and you break your ankle. You go to a doctor, you are given medical assistance, crutches and a cast. While life is a little more difficult, you know you are being treated and it will get better soon.

You aren’t ashamed to talk to people about your injury, your friends offer to help drive you around and at work, and you are greeted by supportive coworkers and ‘get well’ cards.

There is no stigma when you break a bone, have the flu or get a toothache.

Now, imagine you are suffering from a mental illness.

In Episode 2 of our Make It Mandatory mental health series, we look at the stigma associated with talking about mental illness, especially in the workplace. It is because of this stigma that many people suffer in silence. As a result, they miss days of work, are less productive and don’t know how to cope in the workplace.

They are afraid of how people will treat them in the workplace if they find out they are dealing with a mental health issue. This needs to change.

Help us spread the word by sharing our videos on social media, tweeting and emailing politicians and policy makers and letting other Canadians know that together, we can make a change when it comes to mental health.

If we make enough noise, they have to listen.

Help us make mental health support mandatory! #Makeitmandatory.