An election by secret ballot is being conducted among the eligible voters of Teamsters Canada to fill the Office of PRESIDENT OF TEAMSTERS CANADA International Vice-President.

Ballots will be mailed on February 16th. If you have not received your ballot by February 23, 2015, or if you have lost or destroyed it, communicate with Erica D. Clapp at 1-613-768-7546 or by email (PREFERABLY) at [email protected] and give her your name, current address,  preceding address, the name of your employer, the name of the affiliate that you belong to (either a Local Union or the TCRC or the TCRCMWED) and your phone number. She will then proceed to make verifications and send you a new ballot if justified.

No replacement or new ballot will be mailed after March 11, 2015.

To be counted, your vote must be returned to the post office box at the latest on March 18th at 9:29 am.

Erica D. Clapp
Election Supervisor