I would like to thank the negotiating committee and the members for a job well done on the successful ratification of the Toronto Redi-Mix contract. As we all know when you organize any new group it is extremely difficult to negotiate the first contract. Being we are the leaders in the ready mix industry and have negotiated strong contracts for our members over thirty years trying to achieve a contract equal to that industry is almost if not impossible, however this does.

The new agreement has significant improvements, benefits will now be totally paid for on behalf of the members (no more member costs), all employees will be placed into the Toronto & Vicinity Ready Mix Pension Plan. Wages are increased excess of 10% there is a signing bonus of $1,000.00 per person. Seniority rights will now be protected. A Grievance Procedure is established and all other standard language of our long term agreements.

The members are all to be congratulated for the support given to the union. All of the above terms had to be taken to the night before strike action was to commence.

As we strive to better the working conditions of the non union it is significant to be able to reach a deal like the one here. However, some people will be critical about the deal as not being totally equal to the standard contract affecting the bulk of the ready mix industry. The alternative is to not organize the industry and let the union companies try and compete with the non union and this is a game we can’t let happen if we want to survive. The alternative is to leave the non union just that and let the work continue as it has in the past with no continuity and certainly no equal playing field.

Once again thanks to all the members for their support. We look forward to a long term relationship with you and give you the same support you have shown us.

Fraternally yours

Randy Doner