This is an update on the Work Day Off Tracker. Due to an overwhelming positive response, an LOU has been signed to proceed with the implementation of the Work Day Off Tracker. The Work Day Off Tracker is a web-based process for calling flight attendants who indicated on the website that they wish to volunteer to work on their days off, instead of the present no call system, you are letting them know when you are available.

We made it very clear to the company that even though you may have put your name in to get called out you can still refuse. For Flight Attendants without access to computers, they can simply contact Crew Scheduling and inform them of when you’d like to be available for a WDO.

The LOU will be posted in all the crew rooms, on the Teamsters website and everyone will be receiving a copy in their mail files.

If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to call your base representative.

Letter Of Understanding >>>