On Tuesday January 11th Kevin Janzen along with the Teamsters business agents attended a Jazz presentation of the profit share program. In the next few weeks you will receive information outlining the details of this program. Additionally, as you are aware the participation of the flight attendants in this program is subject to a ratification vote by the members. We are currently working out the plans for this vote to take place and will publish further information once the plan is finalized.

As part of the “reserve credit” grievance resolution of May 2004, the company has agreed to credit flight attendants retroactively to June 01, 2004. Therefore, flight attendants who were on reserve in June 2004 will be credited and paid as if each reserve day had a minimum of four credits.

The Union and the Company are continuing to hold discussions regarding the base closures and partial base closure of Halifax base. We anticipate that many issues will be resolved through these discussions. I would like to assure you that we are working diligently to protect our members’ best interests through this process.

We are pleased to announce that a letter of understanding regarding reserve holders has been agreed to and signed by the company and the union. When bidding reserve, flight attendants may, at their option waive their right to two days off prior to and following reserve duty. This letter of understanding is effective commencing with the February bid package.

For those flight attendants that are considering or have chosen to accept the Voluntary Severance Package (VSP) and meet the minimum criteria for retiree pass benefits. The company has confirmed that you will be entitled to the normal retiree pass benefits rather than those provided for in the VSP. The criteria for normal retiree pass benefits is as follows:

  • Age 65 with a min of 10 yrs of continuous service
  • Factor 80 (calculated by adding the employees age plus years of service min 10 yrs required)
  • 25 years of continuous

The travel entitlement includes the same benefit as an active employee (priority is C2/Y10) with the few OAL agreements, which do not recognize retirees.

Kevin Janzen
Teamsters Jazz Airline Council