This morning I was in attendance for a court appearance with all the Jazz and Air Canada unions and their counsel.

As all of the unions have come to tentative agreements Air Canada was able to extend the CCAA until September 30, 2004. This was endorsed by the Deutsch Bank and GE Capital.

From this time until September 30 all outstanding grievances which were not resolved prior to the May 15th deadline will go forward through an expedited process. A report will be forthcoming to our members of all outstanding policy grievances.

The latest tentative agreement reached between Teamsters and the Company will be out shortly. Unfortunately this process was held off as we were unsure of the outcome between Air Canada and CAW. Dates and times of meetings will be announced from your Local.

As always there will be talk amongst our members as to what the package contains which is why it is important for you to attend these upcoming meetings. Please remember there are many details contained in the tentative agreement which require breakdowns and how the process worked.

An update will be given the week of May 24, 2004.

Janet Pamenter
Airline Division Coordinator