On Saturday, May 15th, 2004 at approximately 12:40am your negotiating committee and Air Canada Jazz reached a tentative agreement.

During the week of the 10th the Company placed a tremendous amount of pressure on your committee to take $3 million in concessions but they held fast.

Teamsters Canada representative Michael Crawford chaired the negotiating committee along with the Airline Division Business Agents and their stewards.

In the upcoming weeks your various Locals will be holding ratification meetings to vote on this newest package. Please be assured, there are no concessions contained within this package that affect our active and non active members.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of your committee members which are:

  • Local 927 – Halifax Rachael Palmer, John Baike, Heather Wright
  • Local 69 – Montreal & Quebec Diane Vandal & Eve LaMarche
  • Local 879 – London Sandra Foley
  • Local 938 – Toronto Colleen Austin & Dawn Enns
  • Local 362 – Calgary Kathy Palmer
  • Local 31 – Vancouver & Victoria Kevin Janzen & Judy Betsworth

Your committee members should be congratulated on their professionalism and strength in not allowing the Company to take from our members any more concessions.

This site will be updated when we have further information for you.

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