Information sheet – Molson-Coors


Molson-Coors is the 5th largest brewer in the world, with 17k workers. 

The brewer’s net sales rose from 9.7 billion in 2020 to 10.3 billion in 2021, an increase of 6.5%. 

In the final quarter of 2020, sales rose 14.2% to US$2.6 billion.

The CEO of Molson-Coors is Gavin D.K. Hattersley. His compensation increased from $5.16 million in 2019 to $6.8 million in 2020.

The chief financial officer is Tracey I. Joubert. In 2020, she took home $2.9 million,

Meanwhile, on average, workers at the new Molson plant in Longueuil earn $66,000 a year.

The inflation rate in Quebec in 2022 is expected to be around 4.65%, according to Quebec government forecasts. Molson-Coors is offering a raise that is lower than the inflation rate.

Andrew and Geoffrey Molson are members of the Molson-Coors Brewery Board of Directors. His family is the former majority shareholder of these brewing plants.

Until the early 2000s, labour-management relations were much better than they have been since Coors took over Molson. 

The one-way negotiating approach adopted by management in this round clearly coincides with the transfer of control of operations to the international decision makers. For example, the brewer did not hesitate to lock out the 300 workers at the Toronto plant for six weeks in the winter of 2021.

In fact, the brewer restructured its business units in 2020 to reduce costs. There is now one unit for North America and one unit for Europe. In doing so, they have releagued on their traditional approach to labour relations and on their historic commitment to quality jobs and strong ties to the Greater Montreal community. 

U.S. leaders have no idea – and are indifferent – to the history and tradition of Molson Brewing in Montreal, Quebec, and Canada.

The plant

  • There are 420 employees at the Montreal-area plant. 
  • Average salary: $66,000/year
  • Over 170 unionized positions were eliminated with the move to the South Shore of Montreal, representing one third of the workforce
  • Historically, the Notre-Dame Street plant once had up to 2,000 workers. In 2011, the plant had 890 workers. In 2022, it will have 424 employees. The company plans to reduce the number to 355.
  • The employment contract expired on December 31, 2021.
  • The latest offers from management were rejected by 99% at a meeting held on March 20. Union members also voted 99% in favour of a walkout. 
  • The issues in dispute include wages and the fact that the employer is imposing a final offer that has not been negotiated. In short, these have been one-way talks.

The Teamsters Union

  • The Teamsters Union represents the interests of 1.4 million workers in North America.
  • Tens of thousands of our workers are employed in our Brewery and Soft Drink Division in North America.
  • The brown bottle, which employed more workers, is disappearing in favor of the can, which is a much less environmentally friendly container.
  • Teamsters Local Union 1999 represents nearly 1,500 workers in the Molson-Coors, Labatt and Sleeman breweries.
  • This same local union represents all Molson workers at the Montreal plant, provincial distribution, delivery and telesales, except for managers and office employees.