Dear sisters, brothers, and friends,

On April 28th, we commemorate the National Day of Mourning. This day serves as a reminder of those who have died, been injured, or fallen ill due to their work.

Every year in Canada, over 900 people lose their lives on the job, with nearly half of these fatalities occurring in the transportation, construction, and manufacturing sectors. In addition, more than 250,000 claims are filed for time lost due to work-related injuries and illnesses. Many accidents, however, are never reported, making the situation even more dire.

This day is an opportunity to reflect on the consequences of these tragedies and to strengthen our commitment to prevention. I hold a special place in my thoughts for all our Teamster sisters and brothers who gave their life at work, and their loved ones who live with grief and loss.

I invite you to join me in observing a moment of silence at 11:00 am on April 28th, even if only for a few minutes, to honour the memory and lives of those who have been affected by workplace tragedies.

What can we do to improve the situation? Change cannot happen without your involvement. Get involved in health and safety committees at your workplace! Report potentially dangerous situations! Refuse to work when conditions pose a risk to your safety!

On this National Day of Mourning, let us unite to enhance safety and protect workers. All accidents are preventable, and our union, Teamsters Canada, will always be there for those who advocate for health and safety. Together, we can create a work environment where everyone feels secure and can thrive.

In solidarity,

François Laporte
President of Teamsters Canada
Vice President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters