The elections are over, and Canadians have made their choice. 

Sisters, brothers,

I would like to congratulate Prime Minister Trudeau on behalf of our 125,000 members and wish him the best of luck. The elections may be over, but the real challenges are now ahead of him. Voters opted for a minority government, and my hope is that the Liberals will work with the NDP to move forward on progressive policies for Canadians.  

Since we have a minority government, Canadians from coast to coast to coast are expecting parties to work together. 

Our union will work with all parties over the coming years. During the elections we adopted a non-partisan approach and focused on issues that mattered to Teamsters.  

We spoke about how pregnant women who stop working to prevent harm to themselves or their baby don’t have access to generous provincial compensation programs if they are employed in a federally regulated industry. It’s an injustice that Parliament must address.

We called attention to how fatigue among transportation workers jeopardizes public safety, lowers productivity and undermines workers’ health. Tackling this problem will take reliable, evidence-based regulations that are not dictated by business and corporate lobbyists.

We raised how automation and artificial intelligence could wipe out nearly 40% of jobs over the next few decades. Canada will need vision and leadership to come up with policies that will help workers adapt and smooth the transition. 

Finally, we addressed the importance of mental health in the workplace. Did you know that the economic cost of mental health problems and disorders in Canada is over $51 billion, according to the Mental Health Commission of Canada?

This election was highly divisive and, at times, outright dirty. Over the coming years, politicians of all stripes will have to focus on unity, healing and rising above mudslinging. The challenges we face are too great to confront as a divided nation. 

I thank all the Teamsters and their families who took time to go vote, get involved and stay informed throughout this campaign. 

In solidarity, 

François Laporte
Teamsters Canada