Montréal, June 25, 2019 — For class 1 and class 2 drivers, as well as other members of Teamsters Local Union 106 at Robert Transport, service contracts have been substantially improved. While widescale bargaining is set to begin in the fall, the union and management have already signed letters of agreement.

Class 2 drivers who work within a 40-mile radius will be paid by the hour, while drivers working within a radius of 40 to 140 miles will have either guaranteed hours or the most advantageous pay calculation method. Pay scales have been eliminated.

Class 1 and class 2 drivers will also receive shift premiums. For example, the evening shift premium (from noon to 8:00 p.m.) will be $15 per day, the night shift premium will be $25 per day, and the weekend shift premium will be $35 per day.

As well, pay for handlers and shunters will be increased by $1.50 an hour on evening shifts, $2.50 an hour on night shifts, and $3 an hour on weekends.

The 1.5% pay increase for class 1 drivers will be retroactive.

Workers at Robert Transport will be renegotiating their collective agreements starting this fall. Over the next few months, they can expect further improvements to their working conditions.

That’s why it pays to be a Teamster.