When talking about the armoured car industry in public, other organizations need to show more respect for trade secrets and for the safety of workers. Too much security information is being openly discussed online and in the press – information that can mean the difference between life and death for the members we serve in this industry.

The safety of armoured car guards is, and has always been, a top Teamster priority. I’m tired of seeing other organizations release sensitive security information right after blabbing about how much they care for workers. They are blatantly placing their own agendas before the safety of the industry.

Armoured car is a dangerous profession and no condition will ever be perfect. Instead of going to the press, it’s important that we deal with potential issues through the proper channels. Teamsters take work refusals and complaints very seriously, and we’re always listening to our membership. It’s precisely because of feedback I got from members that I’m posting this.

We will bring our fight for safety to Parliament and do everything we can to make our voices heard by decision makers. And you can be sure that we’ll do it without putting anyone at risk.

By Jason Sweet, Director of the Teamsters Canada Armoured Car Division