The labour movement is working for a fairer future.

The Teamsters Canada Executive Board is made up of representatives from across the country. Issues facing our members and Canadians in general were at the core of their discussions in Montreal, last week.

Here’s a quick look at five of the (many) issues they discussed.

1. National Negotiations

The Executive Board heard how recent negotiations at UPS resulted in raises and better working conditions. Workers even secured the right to a mental health awareness programme. The deal, which was negotiated by representatives elected by fellow UPS workers, was approved by over 81% of the members who voted. Upcoming negotiations at Purolator, which are scheduled to begin in 2016, were also discussed.

2. Better Retirements

Likewise, the Executive Board heard how the Teamsters Canada Pension Plan is over 102% funded. Members with pensions outside of those administered by Teamsters Canada are also doing well.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since people who join a union tend to enjoy better retirements.

3. Mental Health

Mental illness costs our economy over $51 billion annually and takes a devastating toll on workers. So it was good news when the Executive Board learnt that #MakeItMandatory, our mental health campaign, already reached over 1 million Canadians on social media.

4. The New Government

Teamsters Canada remains cautiously optimistic about the new federal government. Prime Minister Trudeau already took time to meet with union leaders like François Laporte, our President, to discuss the challenges facing members and working Canadians.

5. Organizing

Although workers in Canada are facing many challenges, it is clear that members of Teamsters Canada are much better off that non-union workers. Whether you’re looking for job security, fairer wages or just a bit of respect at work, don’t hesitate to contact us privately if you’d like our help.

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