Toronto, May 27 — It is with great pride I would like to express my thanks to the new members of National Ready Mix for putting their trust in Teamsters Local Union 230. It has been a long hard fight to reach a new agreement for the members of National but it was done at a ratification vote on their first contract Sunday April 7, 2013.The first agreement is always the hardest to negotiate establishing rates of pay, benefits and pension which were all achieved in this contract.

Overcoming everybody’s fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of how things will work, will there be strike action and the most concerning will I lose my job. These members put their trust in the Teamsters and we did not fail. The employer’s traps and propaganda did not stop the employee’s determination for respect and dignity in an agreement and a settlement was reached. It took right up to a strike deadline in order to reach the deal but the members stood strong and supported the Union in what needed to be done and the goal was reached.

Congratulation to all of the negotiating committee in particular Tony Scianella and Maurizio Cava members of National whose guidance and knowledge were extremely important  in reaching this deal. This is only the first step we have a contract and now we have to ensure the agreement is enforced and the members get the respect and dignity they deserve.

In the labour environment  where federal and provincial governments are attacking labour, Bill 377 right to work legislation and an attempt to lower the standard of living for all we need to stand up  and say no. There is no doubt it can be done all we need to do is stay determined remain strong as these new members did and we can win.

Once again thank you for the support and welcome.

Randy Doner
Teamsters Local Union 230

The Teamsters represents 115,000 members in Canada in all trades. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, with which Teamsters Canada is affiliated, has 1.4 million members in North America.


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