The Teamsters Union is its members' voice for improving public and workers health and safety in Canada

After a long consultative process, the amendments to the TDGA have been tabled in the House. Teamsters Canada participated in the entire process, from public hearings to private consultations with the bureaucrats and Government. Teamsters Canada also sits on the Advisory Council to the Minister of Transport on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods, giving us a unique ability to participate in the formulation of policy.

The amendments will apply to the entire transportation industry, and when implemented will make the sector safer and more secure. A key concern for Teamsters Canada was the application of security screening to workers, and the need for a fair and consistent approach. The Government appears to have followed our position by proposing the “development of a program to require a transportation security clearance for dangerous goods, including an appeals process that would operate like the existing Aeronautics Act clearance program.”

Over five years ago, Teamsters Canada proposed a fair and consistent security clearance model, which would be applicable for all modes of transportation. Many called it a dream and we may still have a way to go; but this Government is listening, and the TDGA amendment are yet one more step towards our goal.

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