Mr. Arthurs released his report of Part III of the Canada Labour Code on October 30th 2006. The Report contains many significant recommendations that would, if implemented, enforce current standards and create new protection for working men and women. Teamsters Canada congratulates Mr. Arthur and his team on presenting a fair and balanced document.

Teamsters Canada Freight and Tank Haul Division worked diligently on this file. The importance to all of Teamsters Canada’s Divisions and Conferences which deal with Transport Canada is clear. Transport Canada’s overriding purpose is to promote the efficiency of transportation, which can lead to an approach that favours business. Our position is clear; issues of work standards and health and safety cannot be a secondary thought when creating regulations. Mr. Arthurs recommendations regarding Labour Canada resuming “primary responsibility for setting and enforcing maximum hours and other working time rules for road transportation workers” is just one example of the Report’s breadth. Further, regulations covering air crews and railway workers are similarly addressed. Perhaps now, Teamsters Canada’s position on hours of work for air crews will be properly addressed, as well as other issues raised by Regulation that attempt to modify working conditions without taking into regard labour standards, and health and safety.

The Report is not law, and in the nature of these types of studies, may never become law. But, the Report supports longstanding Teamsters Canada positions on these issues. We can and will use the Report to further our lobbying efforts and to work towards the adoption of its key recommendations.

Brothers Wayne Gibson, Director, Stan Hennessy, Bud McAulay and Leo Laliberte Assistant Directors, Teamsters Canada Freight and Tank Haul Division, deserve full credit and our thanks for a job well done! It is again and excellent example of how a victory by one Teamster is a victory for all.

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