Teamsters Canada works closely with the international labour movement to build on our successes in Canada, and to help our brothers and sisters in other countries have what we enjoy, the right to join a union and collectively bargain for better working conditions and wages. We are taking parting in the November 9th Action Day on Integrators as part of our commitment to that cause.

The International Transport Workers’ Federation and its Road Transport Workers’ and Civil Aviation Sections, have been working closely over the past few years to map-out organizing targets in global operators such as UPS, DHL, TNT and FedEx who are engaged in the sorting, transportation or distribution of express parcels and packages.

Campaign posters and leaflets will soon be arriving at Locals to be displayed at the Local and on Teamsters’ bulletin boards “on the job”. This year, our goal is to inform Members about the ITF and our role in the wider global trade union movement; and, to build awareness of participating in global action to aid our purpose – to organize the organized locally.

On November 9th, Teamsters Canada will be meeting with Members of Parliament to discuss the Action Day and to highlight the hurdle workers face trying to organize workers in many countries. Our message, we fought and stopped anti-union tactics and violence aimed at Canadian workers and their unions in the first half of the 20th Century at home – and we will fight for workers to have the same rights globally.

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