Last week we met in Toronto for a Union/Management meeting and we were accompanied by 3 or our committees. Hotel, Uniform and Block Builders. The meetings went very well and it was a great opportunity for everyone across the country to work together. We will continue to involve committees at our Union/Managemnt meetings in the futur.

We discussed many issues , while some are still outstanding others have been resolved

The Company has agreed that Airport Move Up can only be done at the Airport and not at home.

US Per diems have bben incorrect on several occassions. We ask that you review your pay summaries to make sure your are bing paid correctly. If you haven’t been paid correctly please advise your Supervisor and Union Representative at your Local in order to resolve the pay difference.

There are many more issues we discussed which will be included in the next Newsletter.

Thank you once again for your ongoing support and I would like to take this opportunity to Thank all Committe Members for their dedication and hard work.

Anne Dean