After two years of intensive lobbying by Teamsters Canada’s Armoured Car Division, Brothers John McCann (Director of the Armoured Car Division), Roy Finley (Secretary Treasurer of Local Union 362), Richard Charruau (President of Local Union 931) and Tom Fraser (President of Local Union 419) are pleased to report action on securing the health and safety of our members working in the armoured car division.

The Honourable Judi Longfield, Member of Parliament Whitby-Oshawa and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Labour and Housing, at the request of Minister Joe Fontana, has been liaising with the Teamsters over the past few months to help find solutions to the issues at stake.

Minister Joe Fontana was pleased to receive a formal request to look into labour issues concerning armoured vehicle operators. Minister Fontana understands that the issues at stake are highly sensitive and that identifying and gathering the competent authorities to deal with those issues is key to finding solutions.

After having met and discussed with officials representing Teamsters Canada’s Armoured Car Division, Judi Longfield wrote to Minister Fontana to request a timely investigation by government officials. We are pleased to report that we were informed that Minister Fontana received the request and authorized such an investigation.

Minister Fontana and Mrs. Longfield look forward to working with the Teamsters and commend them for bringing forward such issues that affect the health and safety of workers in Canada. Furthermore, Teamsters Canada’s Armoured Car Division looks forward to working with the Minister and Mrs. Longfield and thanks them for having made the first step in dealing with this complex issue.