We have filed a grievance with the Company regarding the Company Nurses. The grievance is now at Step 3 of the process and we will advise of the outcome once it’s resolved. I would like to take this opportunity the Thank all the Flight Attendants who supported us in this grievance.

We will also be filing a policy grievance regarding the crew rest seats. We agreed with the Company that 2ac would be better than 9ac, however, we will continue to fight on your behalf to get 1ac back.

Reserve Call Out- if you feel that crew sked did not call you in seniority order; you have the right to get information from Inflight. Please let us know if we need to file a grievance on your behalf.

There have been some changes to the Reduced Blocks. The Company has approached the Council and asked if we would reconsider letting the flight attendants finish their terms. We have decided to let the Company honour their previous agreements with each flight attendant affected. At this point, Flight Attendants who brought their reduced blocks (because of lay off and or base closure) to their new base, get to finish their reduced blocks to the agreed dates.