Louisville, KY (Monday, 11/22/04) – The Independent Pilots Association (United Parcel Service’s pilots union) will honor Teamster Canada’s primary picket lines for the duration of its strike against UPS.

“The Independent Pilots Association is a strong trade union that does not cross primary picket lines,” said Capt. Tom Nicholson, President of the IPA. He went on to say, “we fully support Teamsters Canada in its strike of UPS. Our pilots will not fly into, or out of, Canada so long as the Teamsters maintain picket lines in that country against the company.”

“The Independent Pilots Association has the contractual right to honor primary picket lines against the company established by other unions who represent UPS employees,” said Capt. Nicholson. He went on to say, “in 1997 not one IPA member crossed a Teamster picket line during the IBT’s 16-day strike of UPS.”