Freedom Mobile workers from across the country have reached out to the Teamsters in the wake of the company’s recent acquisition. Amidst the uncertainty, workers are looking to protect what they have and secure better working conditions.

Telecom workers are the backbone of Canada’s connectivity. And while the landscape of this industry may be changing, workers’ rights shouldn’t.

If you’re a Freedom Mobile worker who hasn’t already spoken with a union organizer, here are some reasons why your colleagues say they want to join the Teamsters.

  • Securing benefits in writing

Freedom mobile workers are concerned over what the new owners will do with pay, schedules, and overall working conditions. Even amidst corporate upheaval, a union contract guarantees that wage rates and working conditions cannot be changed on a whim. Collective agreements are legally binding on employers. Through a contract, the Teamsters can offer security and stability to workers.

  • Job security

With the recent acquisition, job security may feel like a luxury. But it doesn’t have to be. Unions work tirelessly to protect your job from the whims of bosses. Your role is essential to this company, and a union will fight to ensure it is recognized as such.

  • Fair compensation, regardless of ownership

Freedom Mobile workers want better pay. And no matter who signs the checks, everyone deserves a fair wage for hard work. You are the professionals who keep this company running smoothly. Unions fight to make sure that you enjoy fair wages. Your pay cheque needs to reflect your expertise and dedication, regardless of who owns the company.

  • Safer and more respectful workplaces

Freedom Mobile workers want their workplace, whether it’s a bustling store or a buzzing call centre, to be a place of respect and safety. Unions serve as advocates, ensuring that health and safety policies are enforced and that any form of harassment or unfair treatment is quickly addressed. Joining a union means standing up for dignity and respect in the workplace.

  • Better Work Schedules

For the many part-time workers at Freedom Mobile, juggling responsibilities like coursework and shifts can feel like a difficult balancing act. The Teamsters understand this struggle. Unions negotiate for schedules that consider your needs as a student, ensuring the new owners never force you to choose between your education and keeping your job.

Joining a union at Freedom Mobile is more than just a smart career move – it’s a way to stand up for your rights and ensure stability in the midst of change. It’s about making sure that the telecom industry serves its workers first, not its shareholders. In these uncertain times, let’s band together and ensure that our future is secure and our voices are heard.

Are you ready to join? Click here to sign a union membership card.