Sisters, brothers, 

I regret to inform you that Brother Doug Payette died suddenly on January 7, 2021. 

Brother Payette was 72 years old when he passed. He first joined the Teamsters in 1984 as an employee of Annacis Auto Terminals. He rose through the ranks and became a business agent for Teamsters Local Union 213 in 1991, later even serving on that local’s executive board. He retired in 2007. 

He improved the lives of countless workers through his union activism. He also served as a mentor to many who have gone on to follow in his footsteps as effective trade unionists.  

I will remember him as a good person and a solid Teamster, and as someone who was adored by his community and highly respected by his peers. 

He is survived by his loving wife of 51 years, his four sons and daughters-in-law and his seven grandchildren. 

On behalf of Canada’s 125,000 Teamster members, I would like to express our union’s sincerest condolences to Brother Payette’s loved ones and colleagues. 

Rest in power, Doug. 

In solidarity, 
François Laporte