François Laporte, President, Teamsters Canada

Sisters, brothers,

Christmas is upon us. It’s a favourite time of year for many, filled with celebration and cheer.

I would like to salute our members and all transportation workers, many of whom had to work long hours over past few weeks to meet the demands of their employers during this busy season. This is especially true for drivers and others at courier companies like UPS and Purolator, who every year perform small miracles in order to bring gifts and Christmas joy to people across this country.

As we gather with our families to celebrate Christmas, I would ask that we all keep in place in our hearts for our sisters and brothers at Satin Flooring in Toronto. Workers at the company, who are represented by Teamsters Local Union 847, will be spending Christmas locked out by their employer. The company is trying to force them to accept wage cuts and a more expensive health and welfare plan.

We will stand up to these bullies and grinches, because that’s what Teamsters do.

It is privilege and an honour to work for our members, to help defend them from unfair employers and fight to improve their quality of life.

A very Merry Christmas to all!

In celebration and solidarity,
Francois Laporte
Teamsters Canada