Do you want a better understanding of the forces that shape workers’ lives? Are you committed to building stronger labour movement? Do you want to be part of an activist network, and build up your research and strategic planning skills?

If so, then the Labour College of Canada (LCC) might be for you.

The LCC is a post-secondary program for active union members. It was developed by the Canadian Labour Congress. Areas of study at the LCC include political economy, the theory and practice of unions, labour history, communications, and more.

Brother Brock Penner, a Business Agent from Local Union 987, is a Teamster member enrolled at the LCC. He describes the experience as something out of his comfort zone.

“The LCC has been at times uncomfortable, but in a great way. We only grow and learn when we are outside our comfort zone. I feel like I have already learnt so much in so little time. I look forward to the next 12 months,” he said.

Teamsters Canada is proud of members who want to deepen their involvement in the labour movement. For more information about the Labour College of Canada, visit their official website.

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