On July 16, eleven Teamsters made a parachute jump for the Children’s Wish Foundation, and over 30 supporters turned out to cheer us on. I was terrified, but what an experience!

The dizzying event raised over $7,000. Before throwing themselves into the heavens, Solange, Alexandre and Patrice displayed Olympian calmness, while Josée, Hélène and Sylvie sported huge enthusiastic grins. Marie-France and I, on the other hand were totally frantic, chattering nonstop to purge our fear, to the great dismay of other participants, whose heads were already spinning!

Our jump, which reached the incredible speed of 200 km/h, ended softly for one and all, to our great relief.

It was not only a joy to contribute to this fundraising event, but a point of pride for each of us who made the leap. Mission accomplished!

Brigitte Sottile
Teamsters Canada