Brothers and Sisters,

We are workers. We are labour. We are Teamsters.

We have always got up early and got in late. We are not ashamed of the work that we do but instead are proud to do it to the best of our abilities. We are not captains of industry or high paid CEOs. And we do not take awards that we do not earn. We avoid the easy road just because it is the easy road, but we will walk the wicked, twisted one occasionally simply because we can.

We are men. We are women. We are Teamsters.

We are joined together by more than the work we do. We are linked with the values we keep and the ethics we live. We are the backbone of this nation, we are the keepers of its history and we are the guardians of its future. We will stand together because we know that is when we are at our best. We know that is when we are the closest to where we should be.  And we know that is when we will not only win, it is when we will excel.

We are strong. We are united. We are Teamsters.

We are not Teamsters because we were born into it. No one gave this to us. We are Teamsters because we took it. Because we wanted it and we could have it, if we would stand up and take it…. and we did.

Am I proud to be a Teamster? Oh, yeah. And not just because of the history and not just because of the legacy and not just because of what the future promises…I am most proud to be a Teamster because I earned it.  

I am proud to be a Teamster because I am labour and I am Union made. And because to me… a heavy bag and steel plates will always beat a spandex suited spinning class. Because to me jeans and a t-shirt ARE 'business casual'.  Because to me pounding spikes and knocking off anchors will always be a better career choice then ripping off a pensioner's life savings.

I am proud to be a Teamster because of the people that share that honour with me and I am proud to be counted in your number.

I truly believe that working men and women are the only conscience left in this country and that they should belong to a Union. And that the Union they belong to must fight for them and protect them and most importantly, it must deserve to have them. And because, to me…there is only one such Union.

La Syndicat. The Teamsters.