The agreement binds the employees and the employer for a period of one (1) year. The largest employer, which is Allied Systems, within the car haul industry, is facing serious financial difficulty, and the Teamsters Negotiating Committee negotiated in such a way as to preserve its members’ jobs and benefits.

The new collective agreement was ratified by a slim majority of members of Teamsters Local Unions 69, 106, 880 and 938.

The Union settled an important grievance (“crew cabs”) and each member concerned will receive a retroactive payment of $1,200.

“We know that Allied System is experiencing financial problems,” reminds Léo Laliberté, Teamsters Local Union 106 representative participating in the negotiations Committee. “The slim majority obtained during the vote clearly indicates the high level of perplexity among members with respect to this situation. We accepted to make certain concessions to help Allied overcome its difficulties, but we will be especially vigilant during the upcoming bargaining round in 2006”, he adds.

Three companies occupy this industry in Canada, i.e., Allied System, Leaseway and Cassen. All three are bound by an Eastern (Quebec and Ontario) automobile transporters Master Agreement. Negotiations between the Teamsters and Allied were crucial to saving the jobs of all three companies’ workers.

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