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The Teamsters Canada Member Scholarship was specifically created for eligible members who wish to continue their education in their current field or expand into a different industry. Our scholarships are meant to help our members afford tuition for post-secondary institutions and certificate programs.

Four $2,500 scholarships will be awarded.

By supporting you in your projects, we build leaders who are proud to belong to be Teamsters and ready to play an active role in society.

Eligibility Requirements

Members must meet the following criteria at the time they submit their scholarship application:

  • have been an active member for at least 12 consecutive months prior to applying;
  • have paid their union dues for the 12 months prior to applying;
  • be enrolled in a regular training program at a college, CEGEP or university, or in a recognized vocational training program (truck driving school, welding school, etc).

Salaried employees of one or more Teamster bodies in Canada are not eligible. This includes, but is not limited to officers, union representatives, local union employees and business agents of Teamsters Canada, its joint councils, local unions, conferences or divisions. The spouses, parents and children of the above people are also excluded.

The Committee may decide not to give all or any scholarship if it does not receive enough applications which comply with the selection criteria.

Application Procedure

Application forms can be downloaded here, and are available in all local unions, conferences or divisions of Teamsters Canada. Application forms are also available at the Teamsters Canada national office.

Applicants must complete the application form and send it with an essay of about 250 words, answering the following question: What are the benefits of being a Canadian Teamster member?

The Committee will have full discretion in evaluating applications to determine scholarship recipients. To ensure fairness when evaluating applications, among other criteria, the Committee will consider the following:

  • the geographic breakdown of recipients across Canada;
  • the financial situation of applicants;
  • the number of scholarships already awarded to the candidate under the program in the past;
  • union involvement;
  • the quality of the essay.

The deadline is September 30th of each year. Send your application to

For more information, please contact Teamsters Canada at 1-866-888-6466.

James R. Hoffa Scholarship

The James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund was created to help the sons, daughters or financial dependants of eligible Teamster members afford tuition for post-secondary institutions.

There are two different ways to receive scholarships from the James R. Hoffa scholarship Fund. Students in their last year of high school can register by March 31st for a scholarship that is mainly based on academic achievement. University, college or cégep students can also register by June 15th for an essay-writing contest on a specific topic.

For more information, please click here or contact Teamsters Canada at 1-866-888-6466.