130 Teamsters Employees of Quincaillerie Richelieu on Strike in Montreal

Early this morning, 130 members of Local 106 of the Teamsters Union, employees of Quincaillerie Richelieu, went on strike in Montreal. The workers at the company’s headquarters in Montreal hold jobs related to order preparation and handling.
A group of Teamster organizers outside of another company.

Alberta’s Labour Board, Bad Bosses, and the Battle for Your Rights

Alberta’s labour board choked off a union organizing campaign at a food-processing facility hit by a workplace fatality. By Bernie Haggarty, Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters Local Union 362 Picture this. You work at a food-processing facility. The pay doesn’t...

Teamsters Canada Foundation Donates $250,000 to Segal Cancer Centre

The Teamsters Canada Foundation renewed its support to the fight against cancer by announcing a $250,000 donation to the Jewish General Hospital’s (JGH) Segal Cancer Centre.

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